The STEPScope™ integrates a fast output pulser with a high-bandwidth low-jitter input sampler to perform step response analysis on reflected and through-channel pulses.  Calculates TDR and TDT.  Optional S-parameter features also calculates Return Loss and Insertion Loss.

Key Features

  • Compact TDR/TDT Solution Includes Integrated Pulser and Sampler
  • 20 ps Edge Rate (10/90)
  • Fast Averaged Waveform
  • Capture and Download
  • Single-ended or Differential
  • Optional S-parameters for Return Loss and Insertion Loss with up to 18 GHz Bandwidth
  • Through-channel TDT and Insertion Loss requires 2 STEPScope® devices or Remote Pulser Accessory

   BitWise Laboratories STEPScope® TDR is a compact device integrating a fast output pulser with a  high-bandwidth low jitter input sampler to perform step response analysis on reflected and through-channel pulses  for calculating Time Domain Reflectometry TDR and Time Domain Transmissometry TDT analysis. Optional S-parameter analysis converts step response into Return Loss S11 and Insertion Loss S21 results.

   TDR, TDT, and S-parameter analyses are proven techniques for testing RF circuits used to communicate digital information through cables, backplanes, connectors, PCB traces, wire bonding and integrated circuits. TDR analysis isolates impedance problems that adversely effect signal performance. A single STEPScope® can perform TDR analysis by sending an incident pulse into the circuit and analyzing the pulse that is reflected back. TDT analysis is performed by analyzing a pulse after it has gone through the channel. This technique isolates channel-related effects with comparison to the reference through calibration.  TDT analysis requires  an external pulse that can be created by another STEPScope® or using the Remote Pulser accessory.

   High-performance SiGe technology is used to generate fast 20 ps (10/90) edge rates, and to provide a finely-calibrated very low jitter time-base, and waveform capture with 18 GHz bandwidth. Waveform data and analysis results easily can be downloaded to your browser. The user interface is served as a website from the device and is accessible from any desktop or mobile web browser. The device does not require being connected to the Internet. Automation is provided via TCP/IP socket commands and there are API’s for python and C++.


STEPScope® Specification Value Notes
Pulse Edge Rate 20 ps 10/90, typical
S-parameters S11 (Return loss), S21 (Insertion loss), up to 18 GHz optional
Pulser Amplitude 200 to 350 mV single-ended
Timebase Resolution 100 fs minimum
Pulser Rate 2.44 – 78.12 MHz 32 steps
Export Format CSV, S1P
TDR Connection 2.92 mm, 50 Ohm DC coupled
Trigger Connection 2.5 GHz Sinewave, SMA, 50 Ohm, AC coupled
Power Supply 100-240 VAC to 12V at 3A CE, FCC, UL Certified
Power 16 watts
Dimensions 6″ (L) x 4″ (W) x 2-1/2″ (H)

SSRPULSA – STEPScope® Remote Pulser Accessory


STEPSCOPESPARAM – STEPScope® S-parameter software option

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