BERT Pattern Generator

   The Pattern Generator creates clock and data patterns used as stimulus for developing and evaluating digital communications systems and components. The Pattern Generators offers flexibility to create data streams of varying PRBS or user-defined patterns, with selectable data rate, signal offset, amplitude, timing and preemphasis to help you create the test signals you need.

Key Features

  • Compact 2-Channel Design
  • 1.0 – 28.0 Gbps per Channel
  • PRBS and User Patterns
  • Internal Clock Synthesizer
  • External Clock Input
  • 2 Synchronous Data Output Channels 
  • 4 Tap Preemphasis
  • Single-ended or Differential
  • AC or DC coupled Data Outputs
  • Optional Jitter Insertion (DDR5SA)
  • Programmable signal levels

   The Pattern Generator creates data patterns used as stimulus for developing and evaluating digital communications systems and components. The Pattern Generators offers flexibility to create data streams of varying PRBS or user-defined patterns, with selectable data rate,, timing and pre-emphasis to help you create the test signals you need.

   The Pattern Generator is a compact instrument that uses a built-in synthesizer or accepts an external clock input that is used to generate two channels of NRZ data at rates from 1 to 28 Gbps. Variable output delay is available on each channel for precise phase alignment.  Each channel is DC-coupled and supports 4 Tap pre-emphasis with differential amplitude up to 2 Vpp. Channel pattern sequence output can be synchronized to combine properly to form a higher speed 2:1 multiplex. 

External triggers can be used to trigger your oscilloscope on clock- or pattern-based triggers. A built-in error injector with selectable error profiles enables creating single-shot and repeating error signatures.

   A built-in calibration input provides sub-rate error detection that allows you to examine eye-diagrams and BER Bathtub analysis for sub-rate return channels.  This is perfect for use with applications that utilize a sub-rate loopback for receiver testing, such as DDR5.

Pattern Generator

Pattern Generator Specification Value Notes
Internal Synthesizer 0.5 – 14.0 GHz 1/2-rate DDR clock
Data Rate 1.0 – 28.0 Gbps 2 synchronous channels
Amplitude 250 mV – 2.0 V Differential
Offset -2.0 to 3.0 V V-Mid
Variable Delay Range 0 – 150 ps Each independent channel
Variable Delay Resolution 0.1 ps
Rise/Fall Time 15 ps 20/80, typical
Jitter Clock 350 fs RMS, Data 600 fs RMS typical
Preemphasis 4 Tap for each channel Tap-2 is always 1.0
PRBS Patterns PRBSn, n=7,11,13,15,20,23,31 True or inverted
User Patterns 2.0 Megabits each channel Organized as 8,192 128-bit words, with looping
Output Data 2.92 mm, 50 Ohms, AC or DC Selectable 2 channels with independent delays
Output Clock SMA, 50 Ohm, AC coupled,, DIfferential
Output Triggers SMA, clock or data pattern related triggers
Power Supply 100-240 VAC to 12V at 5A CE, FCC, UL Certified
Power 70 watts
Dimensions 6″ (L) x 7-1/2″ (W) x 2-1/2″ (H)

DDR5SA – DDR5 Stress Accessory

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